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Relax In The Wave Brainwave Entrainment

WaveriderMp3’s Nick and Wanina Petlock heading out to the beach to record live wave and natural sounds to incorporate into their many different brainwave entrainment mp3s.

Relax In The Wave, For Fast Stress Relief,

Before You Throw In The Towel…


Brainwave Entrainment is a stress relief technique that lifts you out of the whitewater, and takes that “pinched” look off of your face, starting in as little as 6 minutes.

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This one-of-a-kind BWE will help you find out who you are with the sounds of the melting water from the Angel Glacier in Jasper National Park.

Now imagine this…

You are laying face down on your stick, paddling in the cold water like you mean business, and a wave picks you up and carries you as it rolls.  The swell begins to fold and you pop-up to a stand. Your knees are bent, your body balanced and you have merged into the rush of the ocean.

You’ve caught a wave and you are waveriding.

Everything that was stressing you out, is gone.  All the paddling hard, the ripping up, the charging in, the fighting off of sharks…gone.

You ride down the wave’s face until it pounds into the sandbank, spilling you back on terra ferma.

You get up, grab your board and just know, life can’t get you down today.

Why? Because you’ve relaxed in the wave, you’ve become one with the wave…the brain wave state for relaxation…and you did it by listening to brainwave entrainment.

Want to know why this is so cool?  It only takes 6 minutes for your brain to start entraining or mimicking a repetitive, consistent stimulus like a beat or a sound tone, or a cricket or a rainstorm.

This process is called brainwave entrainment and can “bring out the real you,”

Starting in as little as 6 minutes. That’s how long it takes for your brain to follow a new brainwave pattern.

It doesn’t take hours, or days, or even a week. 

Within 6 minutes, you will escape the undertow of the rogue wave called life, and surface 30 minutes later feeling refreshed, destressed, and strong.

Relaxing in the wave

chills you outcalming your body and relaxing your mind, because you are syncing up with the alpha brain wave frequency.

• makes you feel like “everything is really good” because it releases serotonin and endorphins and puts you into a natural high.

• makes you “fun to be around”, giving you a sense of well-being, happiness and optimismas a release of natural opiates flood your mind and body.

• makes you “dreamy”slowing down your thoughts and even suspending them for a while, because you are in a wave that communicates more in pictures than words.

•makes you “stable and reliable”, removing fear and anger, by releasing dopamine, the brain’s reward and pleasure pheromone.

• brings out “your very unique talents”, because this brain wave is the gateway to the collective unconscious and divine creativity.

• helps you “break your bad habits” while you easily visualize and incorporate new habit programming, because suggestions in this brainwave state tend to stick .

•helps you “live longer” by decreasing cholesterol and blood pressure numbers, dissolving cortisol, a stress hormone that impairs your immune system.

• makes you more “Einstein” and “on-the-ball” because this state synchronizes both hemispheres of your brain at the same time optimizing the functioning of your mind.

• is the “safest”and “easiest” brain wave range to entrain your brainwaves.

The sharks, the riptides, and the tidal waves will still be there when you float back into your dramabut you will be different.

 People will notice how easy it is to be around you”, and wonder how you can keep your head above water while everyone else is wiping out.

Relax in the wave, for fast Stress Relief, with WaveriderMp3’s brainwave entrainment…and damn the undertow.


I didn't use it for meditation per se, but to get rid of stress and tension and unproductive mental worry loops--it really increased my ability to focus and feel calmer while still awake and alert. Thank you.

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