Mind Power-Up Entrainments

Mystic Mind Power Up Entrainments

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Mind Mystic is the superhero of Waverider’s Brainwave Entrainment. He will guide, shield and inspire you by supplying you with the basic tools for every hero! And we’re all heroes aren’t we?

Time to Power Up!

Brain asymmetry is essential for ultimate mind function.  Linking and assimilating your digital brain with your analog brain raises your intelligence, big time.  So with this in mind it’s time to power up and advance to your next level! The following 5 Power-Ups contain five different increasing levels of the Gamma brainwave frequency (the mindset of meditating Tibetan Monks) which has been proudly infused as a Harmonix Box X Entrainment (a fast, very efficient form of brainwave entrainment). Also, guess what! These Power-Ups are only 10 Minutes long and can be looped for longer continued play and also helps to stimulate and link your creative (analog) and logical (digital) sides at the same time! This means you’ll be able to:

  • Generate fresh ideas
  • Successfully engage your brain in challenging tasks
  • Stretch your perceived limits
  • Conquer and master completely new tasks
  • Broaden your knowledge by tapping into Universal Consciousness
  • Process large amounts of info in relatively small amounts of time
  • Produce innovations that seem to come out of the blue
  • Apply principles that you already know to new problems
  • Perform any feat on a computer, creating new and exciting programs both there and in your brain
  • Increase your brain’s processing capacity
  • Avoid situations of conflict when the brain’s engaged, ready for any challenge!
  • Rapidly shift between divergent and convergent thinking thus sharpening and improving your brain

There Are No Boundaries!

An Excellent Hack For Brain Games and Career Growth

Choose from any of these 5 Mystic Mind Power-Up Levels:

Level Info
Level 1: Master Shield Protects you from “outsider” mind attacks by putting you into the rhythm of the universe!
Level 2: Flower Power Helps you solve problems before they happen!
Level 3: Flying Squirrel Takes you to new places in your mind!
Level 4: Super Juice Fires you up when things are slow!
Level 5: Shooting Star Makes you feel INVINCIBLE!

The technology used on this new type of mp3 is amazing! It really increased my ability to focus and feel calmer while still awake and alert.

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